British banks on the run

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Date of prediction: 2016-10-22

The Observer that Britain’s banks will move out rather soon:

“Their hands are quivering over the relocate button. Many smaller banks plan to start relocations before Christmas; bigger banks are expected to start in the first quarter of next year.”

(Brexit politicians are putting us on a fast track to financial jeopardy; Brexit: leading banks set to pull out of UK early next year)


2011 earthquake good for Japan

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Date of prediction: 2011-03-14

Nathan Gardels believes that in the long run, the 2011 earthquake will be good for Japan’s economy:

»A massive earthquake and tsunami have accomplished what Japan’s fiscal policy and central bank could not. Rebuilding a large swath of Japan will stimulate domestic growth and global demand, energy-efficient technologies, while helping to integrate China and Japan.
The result of all the new wealth creation will be money in the pockets of Japanese to buy global goods and services.«

(The Cristian Science Monitor: The silver lining of Japan’s earthquake)

Douglas Casey: Inflation, Euro crash

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Date of prediction: 2010-03-15

Douglas casey expects that the Euro-zone will break up until 2015 and the European Union until 2020 (quote in German):

»Der Euro ist eine Esperanto-Währung. Er wird wohl in den nächsten fünf Jahren auseinander brechen, die Europäische Union vielleicht schon in den folgenden fünf Jahren.«

( Querdenker Douglas Casey: „Ich erwarte eine horrende Inflation“)

We’ll check the remaining part of his prediciton in 5 years.

2015 Oscars

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Ben Zauzmer has developed a model from lots of data and applies it to make predictions about this year’s Oscars. Because he makes probabilistic predictions, no single outcome can prove him wrong.

Apple’s wearable arrives in October

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Date of prediction: 2014-06-06

Re/code and Nikkei predict that Apple will launch its iWatch, or some other iWearable, in October. (via heise online)

BRA vs. GER prediction

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Date of prediction: 2014-07-08

FiveThirtyEight believe that the odds in BRA vs. GER favor the Seleção even after adjusting for the absence of Neymar and Silva. In a few hours we’ll know more.

Airports and metropolitan transport are imminent terror targets in Germany

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Date of prediction: 2009-04-23

The federal government of Germany warns that airports and metropolitan transports were the primary targets of islamist terrorists. The threat level is assessed as worryingly high:

»Für das Innenministerium sind vor allem Flughäfen und der Nahverkehr mögliche Ziele islamistischer Terroristen. Staatssekretär August Hanning warnt, die Bedrohung sei “besorgniserregend hoch”.«

( Bundesregierung warnt: Deutsche Flughäfen sind die nächsten Terrorziele)

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