The reader’s perspective

This blog brings to you posts from the past. Whatever appears here in this blog hasn’t been posted at the time it is appearing. Rather, each post was created a long time ago and saved to the global brain that we call the Internet. Now that it re-appears, we can can see how people felt in the past and cross-check their ideas about the future with reality.

The blogger’s perspective

This blog is essentially a time machine. It puts predictions to the test using the scheduled post feature of WordPress. When I encounter an interesting prediction in the media or elsewhere, or make one myself, I will blog it here to a future date. The prediction will thus re-appear just at the right time for it to be verified. Verification is left to the readers.

The main language of this blog is English but it may quote sources in other languages without translation. I am also blogging on security and safety elsewhere, Predicted is sort of a spin-off and experimental side project.

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