Date of prediction: 2011-12-19

IBM dares a 5-year forecast of 5 innovations that they think will change our lives.  Their 2011 predictions:

(A Smarter Planet Blog: The IBM 5 in 5: Our Forecast of Five Innovations That Will Alter the Tech Landscape Within Five Years, via CNET: IBM: Mind reading is less than five years away. For real. via Nerdcore: IBMs Predictions for the next 5 Years: Mindreading and Spam)

I bet against the password prediction since I trust Cormac Herley’s predictions on such matters more than IBM’s; passwords are practical while biometrics has more Hollywood appeal than practical use. I also bet against the junk mail prediction, I think they don’t understand the economics of junk mail and how people game systems. I remain open-minded regarding the other three predictions.