Cloud computing employment boom

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Date of prediction: 2012-03-05

IDC, in a Microsoft-sponsored study, predicts a boom of cloud-created jobs by 2015:

»The market review, entitled “Cloud Computing’s Role in Job Creation,” forecasts 13.8 million new jobs from public and private cloud IT services worldwide by 2015 – with half of those expected this year – and cloud revenue reaching $1.1 trillion over that same time period. Of those anticipated hires by 2015, IDC expects more than half 7.5 million to come from enterprises with 500 or fewer employees. Prevailing thinking from the research firm is that SMBs have fewer ties to legacy systems and more limitations with IT budgets compared with their larger competitors, leading to a pool of indirect IT job growth.

Across specific industries, IDC predicts cloud jobs for communications and media to lead the way with 2.4 million hires by 2015, propelled by growing customer expectations covered by as-a-service offerings. Another batch of cloud positions are expected to be generated from process manufacturing 854,000 and discrete manufacturing 1.3 million, as manufacturing includes many SMBs looking for more on-demand collaboration and CRM, according to IDC. Banking and financial services will spend more on the cloud to meet customer needs, resulting in approximately 1.4 million cloud jobs by 2015. However, regulations and compliance, especially in the U.S., will dampen some cloud deployments and subsequent job growth in the banking sector, as well as health care 357,000 and insurance 673,000.

Regionally, the U.S. is expected to continue its dominance in private and public cloud spending. IDC foresees 1.17 million jobs in the U.S. from this cloud spending, with the largest percentage growth in municipal hires coming in its largest population centers: New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. However, the big spike in hiring will happen overseas, as China and India are expected to take on more than 6.7 million new cloud jobs by 2015 due mostly to their vast workforces and aggressive cloud adoptions.«

(Information Management Online: Cloud Computing s Employment Boom)

[de] Jahrundertwinter

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Seine Prognose für den Winter 2015/16 traf der Mann aus Benediktbeuren bereits im August in einem Interview mit dem Tölzer Kurier. Und den ersten Schnee sagte Haslinger tatsächlich für Mitte Oktober voraus. Glaubt man dem Wetterpropheten, setzt sich der Winter aber nicht sogleich in Deutschland fest. Bis weit in den Dezember hinein erwartet er immer wieder Schneeflauten, auch auf „weiße Weihnachten“ müsse man verzichten. Doch für Januar und Februar sagt der frühere Almwirt den „Winter des Jahrhunderts“ voraus.

( Prognose für Winter 2015/16 – Droht ein Rekordwinter?)

Solar Eclipse Wreaking Havoc

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Date of prediction: 2016-03-08

A solar eclipse can be observed on 9 March, 2016 in the Pacific. One astrologer believes that a serious weather event or a prominent assassination could occur in conjunction with the eclipse.

[DE, Meta] »Es ist schlichtweg unmöglich, Unvorhersehbares vorherzusehen.«

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Vince Ebert über Prognosen und Weissagungen:

»Alleine die Dynamik des Fortschritts macht es unmöglich, die Zukunft weiter als ein Jahrzehnt vorherzusagen. Genau deswegen erscheinen uns rückblickend praktisch alle Zukunftsprognosen der namhaftesten Experten ihrer Zeit als lachhaft. Wenn man überhaupt etwas mit Gewissheit über die Zukunft sagen kann, dann nur, dass sie uns überraschen wird.«

(Die Achse des Guten: Warum unsere Zukunft nicht berechenbar ist)

Electronic ID card use in Germany

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Date of prediction: 2010-10-29

The new electronic ID card, introduced in Germany 2010-11-01, will see limited use online. Support will be widespread, if at all, only in applications that:

  • require a low level of security (e.g. electronic filing of tax forms), or
  • are regulated to make formal ID checks mandatory.

Businesses that are free to choose will largely ignore the government-issued electronic ID.

Douglas Casey: Inflation, Euro crash

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Date of prediction: 2010-03-15

Douglas casey expects that the Euro-zone will break up until 2015 and the European Union until 2020 (quote in German):

»Der Euro ist eine Esperanto-Währung. Er wird wohl in den nächsten fünf Jahren auseinander brechen, die Europäische Union vielleicht schon in den folgenden fünf Jahren.«

( Querdenker Douglas Casey: „Ich erwarte eine horrende Inflation“)

We’ll check the remaining part of his prediciton in 5 years.

3D Printing Will Explode in 2014 When Key Patents Expire

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Date of prediction: 2013-07-22

A short-term prediction regarding the 3D printer market:

»These patents cover a technology known as “laser sintering,” the lowest-cost 3D printing technology. Because of its high resolution in all three dimensions, laser sintering can produce goods that can be sold as finished products.
Once the key patents on 3D printing via laser sintering expire, we could see huge drop in the price of these devices, says Scott. This isn’t just idle speculation; when the key patents expired on a more primitive form of 3D printing, known as fused deposition modeling, the result was an explosion of open-source FDM printers that eventually led to iconic home and hobbyist 3D printer manufacturer Makerbot.«

(Mashable: 3D Printing Will Explode in 2014 When Key Patents Expire)

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